Tips When Getting Annual Awards Engraved
Our engravers are always busy, even more so at the end of the summer and winter sports seasons. With so many teams, clubs and associations finishing at the same time it is not always possible to do every order immediately.
The sooner we have your items the quicker we can engrave them. Don't leave your order until the last minute.
We will always be able to advise you how long it will take. If you are from a large club or organisation with many annual awards to present, it takes time. Three to four weeks before you want to collect is good if you have hand-engraved items. It's nice to allow least two weeks for machine engraving. When you bring your items in we can give a good estimate of when they will be ready. The date you get will be the target we set. We will let you know if we get your order finished earlier.
Mark Up Your Trophies
Clear Instructions
Most brands of masking tape will not harm your items. But sticky labels and Sellotape will often remove varnish from wood and stain them on removal.
Don't use post-its as they always come off. Label up all your items with the engraving details required. Write clearly if you don't write neat get someone else to do it. Check all the spelling of the names and always state the date. If you have spelt the name wrong on a cup or base it can be expensive. The trophy may have to be polished out and replated to correct it. Space is priceless so if you have boxes use the lid to shut them so we can stack them up. For the safety of our staff and your trophies don't make your boxes too heavy. Count the number of items and give us a copy note (this is not for engraving, this will always be taken from the labelled items)
Pack Carefully
Pack carefully to prevent damage, we cannot be responsible for items carelessly packed. Unlabelled items will not be engraved. If you need to advise us later of engraving details then, as before, please fax, post or e-mail and strictly not by telephone.