Engraving Services
and Samples
Our engraving is all performed by our engravers in Edinburgh. We keep up to date with the latest equipment to ensure that whatever your needs we can full fill them .

We don't expect you to be an expert on engraving when you want work done so please feel free to ask us anything you wish to know.

Below are some pictures of items we have engraved. We hope that the samples below will help you to visually connect with what we do.

Please click on the picture links to visit the page of engraving type for more info and more sample pictures.
Lasered Anodized
Aluminium Plate
edinburgh council awards engraved silver trophy
Picture above shows a coated black plate which when lasered the background turns a silver colour. Anodising aka anodizing, especially in the USA, is an electro process to coat natural oxide surface layer on the aluminium. This process allows for many colours of plate and high defination logo's and text.
Diamond Engraving
on Silver Salver
machine engraved silver salver
Diamond drag is a computerised machine engraving process.This allows for a long lasting deep finish. Artwork needs to be converted to the correct format for this type. Items that are engraved like this are salvers, tankards, hip-flasks and nickel plate products.
Crystal Salver with
Football Badge
crystal plate trophy with football crest sfa engraved
Silver Cup
Hand Scribed Title
ant v dec the teams itv trophy series champions hand engraving
As is often the case with large silver cups this has been titled by hand. The ribbon colours of both teams are on the handles. This was to enable the quick removal for the presentation on live T.V. It's quicker to take the ribbon off than put it on. 
Stamped University Medal
Hand Engraving
philip h thomas medal edinburgh university hand engraved
This bespoke university medal with antique finish has been stamped with the crest. The individual to whom it was presented has his name and date hand-engraved in arcs. This method is used in keeping with tradition on older perpetual trophies and for adding a greater perception of value.
Hand Engraving
Annual Silverware Trophy
silver trophy being engraved by hand-engraver edinburgh
In the image above you can see our hand engraver cutting the name into a large cup. In the background you will see some of his tools and the bright light required for this intricate work.
Laser Engraved
Crystal Award
crystal award chef with black base in lined box