Laser Engraving
Laser Engraving Systems or laser etching as some people call them work with the same principles as a normal printer. Just like you do with an  inkjet. We set the page size to the size of the piece with which we are working with. Next we import your image and place it on the setup page corresponding to the engravable area where we want to etch the item. Next we then add any text or any other setup change that is required. Then we send it to print on the laser. After the it's finished the item we check it, clean the item and then package it up for you. Acrylic, wood, rubber, stone, leather, fabric, coated metals, glass and many more materials can be engraved with the laser.
What Materials
Can We Engrave By Laser ?
Relay Batons with Logo and Message
The following materials are all known to laser engrave well:
Anodized Aluminium
Coated Metals
Laserable Plastic
lase engraved trophy name plate on golden boot award
Giving a definition that is second to none. Suitable for Laser Engraving are some gadgets such as the iPod, iPhone and iPad, the Tablet P.C, and also other MP3 Players. Mobile Phone Covers are sometimes suitable for your name or a phrase.
iPhone Cover with Custom Artwork
Medal Bar
laser engraved medal bar insert
Anodised Aluminium Inserts
Beer and Wine Bottles
laser engraved whisky bottle
Engraved Scotch Whisky Bottle
This is quite successful on round and square but not odd shaped bottles. An element of risk exists from this process so its not suitable for expensive vintages. It is good to try out on an empty one first. Although it's unlikely to damage it.
Spirit Glasses and
Champagne Flutes
laser engraved whisky glass in box with clan crest
Whisky or Spirit Glass with Clan Crest
Experience has shown us only to use our own glasses for this. We know they are tough and the results are good. We also have crystal panel glasses and decanter sets. Engraving logo's a speciality.
Sport Relay
Personalise a relay baton with your own message for achievement, to celebrate or commemorate, Pass it on. Find out more on our Fasebook page.
So How 
Long Doe's It Take?
We aim to meet whatever deadlines you have for all your engraving needs. As a general rule two weeks is a reasonable time for us to order materials that are non-stock and and getting the items lasered and ready for collection. That's not to say we won't engrave your items in 48hrs if you need them in a hurry however remember the artwork must be right.
See our artwork section.
Payments can be made at our shop or over the telephone with your card. Councils, Schools, Colleges, Universities and all Government Departments are welcome with purchase order numbers, as are
all the variuos NHS departments.
laser engraved clock with logo
Crystal Clock with Club Badge
We purchased a special extra fine accessory which enables  us to engrave crystal awards, clocks and panelled decanters etc. The details are stunning and can replicate artwork precisely. Ideal to personalise a birthday gift.